It’s been almost three years since Tina Fey debuted her much-lauded and uncanny impersonation of Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live. But now, with the news (first reported by TV Line) that Tina Fey will reprise her role as SNL host on May 7, I’m finding myself hopeful that she’ll decide to put a lid on the Tea Party figurehead impression. Why? Here are five reasons why the two-time host should skip a Palin sketch for her third go-round:

1) Between Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Dancing With the Stars, and Fox News, we’ve gotten our fare share of televised Palin. Besides, Minnesota’s Michele Bachmann is much more interesting anyway. No, over here, Michele! (Hey Kate, January 2011 wants its joke back!)

2) We’d much rather Fey focus on her newly released gem, Bossypants. Perhaps a creative reading? Or a sketch or two inspired by some of her best (translation: most awkward) stories?

3) Remember when a ridiculously pregnant Amy Poehler had us ugly crying with laughter watching her dance with Josh Brolin in a sketch set in a seedy bar? Well, if a five-months pregnant Fey could find a way to play up her own pregnancy for even half the laughs, we’ll be cooing.

4) It won’t help 30 Rock. In her book, Fey notes all the attention surrounding her Palin did not increase her NBC sitcom’s ratings. But she can get more 30 Rock viewers by simply doing what she does best: Being extraordinary funny.

5) We can already see Russia Palin sketches from our houses Hulu.

What do you think, PopWatchers? To Palin, or not to Palin? And what do you hope to see Fey do during her SNL episode? Weekend Update?

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