Uh, oh. Should Clois fans be preparing for heartbreak? Well, if you take what executive producer Brian Peterson told EW last week at face value, perhaps they should. “We’re not really promising a wedding at this point,” he teased. “But definitely they are preparing for a wedding, right up until the finale.”

As you recover from your moment of panic, I offer you a glimmer of hope: Peterson has been teasing Smallville finales for years, people! You know there’s much more to this story — but, of course, he’s not going to say what that is. He did say, however, that when it comes down to the final hours for Clark, he’s confident that fans both dedicated and otherwise will find themselves satisfied with the story they’ve been told.

“What we really tried to do is create a finale that pretty much stands on its own for anybody who has ever watched any episode of Smallville, to tune in and watch the finale. And for the hardcore fans that have seen every episode, there are a lot of little nuggets and little payoffs all along the way,” he said. “That’s been our goal for the finale.”

Bonus finale tease: The barn gets a final bow. “I won’t say who’s in the scene, but there is one final scene that we shot in the barn, and we literally wrapped that set afterward. It’s still standing, but it was the last time anyone ever shot anything in the barn for Smallville, which — just that moment, given everything we’ve all put into this show, was a really emotional moment for me and for I think everybody in the scene,” he said.

Time to theorize, Smallville fans. What, if anything, would prevent Clois from saying ‘I do’? Will the pair get their wedding at all? Or will Lois and Clark be sealing the deal with a Post-It (shudder)?

Smallville returns April 15.

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