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Warning: If last night’s Nikita is still sitting on your DVR, you missed out. Oops. I mean, don’t read on. The rest of this article contains spoilers from last night.

Nikita Kiss

Let’s do this Nikita style and skip the foreplay: How about that kiss?! (Ehem. Forgive me. I just had to get that out of my system.) Now, let’s rewind.

Last night’s episode of Nikita, the show’s first new installment after a lengthy break, was first and foremost satisfying in many ways other than the much-anticipated kiss (screencapped for your pleasure to the left). Most notably, Michael finally turned against Percy (as we all wished he eventually would) after learning that his arch nemesis Kasim murdered his family because Percy ordered him. SHOCK!

What I loved was that the added twist — and the fantastic flashback scenes — made the kiss in the episode’s final moments all that more meaningful. The episode provided perfect context for the buildup of emotions that would lead to their steamy connection. On that note, I consider myself a bit of an expert in steamy television connections, and I have to say, that’s probably one of the best I’ve seen — from the Florence and the Machine playing in the background to the dialogue.

Michael: If I had listened to you five years ago, things would be different.

Nikita: Things will be different.

I also loved the fact that Nikita turned away from him before the kiss. It was as if she was making her last attempt to distance herself from their innate attraction, and I love, love, love, that it was Michael who broke the barrier. Even better was the fact that it wasn’t a kiss and run. They clearly had no plans on stopping — bravo.

Last night’s Nikita was the big payoff episode — the episode fans had been waiting for since hopping aboard in September. And while some shows would have saved a Mikita moment as buzzworthy as last night’s until the finale, I take the show’s decision to advance this relationship as a sign of amazing things to come. I mean, if they give us a kiss like that with four more episodes to go, can you imagine what they have up their sleeve for the finale?

What did you think of the episode, PopWatchers? And was that kiss one of the best you’ve seen? Where does it rank on your list of best highly anticipated kisses?

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