By Jeff Labrecque
Updated April 08, 2011 at 07:44 PM EDT

Charlie Sheen and his Torpedo of Truth tour storms into New York tonight for the first of two shows at historic Radio City Music Hall. (Carnegie Hall was already booked, apparently.) Since bombing in Detroit last week, Sheen has revamped his show, and his two recent performances in Ohio proved much more satisfying to the legion of fans who shelled out good money to see their hero pontificate in person. Unfortunately, those more positive notices haven’t rescued the deflating demand for Sheen tickets. The national average price of a sold ticket today on is $62, down from a peak of $158 (see chart below), and you can still pick up a decent seat for tonight’s show for $44, well below the original ticket price. Bargain hunters with a car can catch tomorrow’s show in Connecticut for a mere $18.

Sheen, though, seems to have found his comfort zone on stage, and a good showing tonight in the Big Apple will certainly draw the attention of big-media. Whether his NYC shows reinvigorate demand for tickets remains to be seen.

Be sure to check back at tomorrow for Owen Gleiberman’s take on tonight’s Radio City show.

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