By Mike Bruno
Updated April 08, 2011 at 02:35 PM EDT

Raise your hand if you find yourself caught in a Friday morning haze of rage and disbelief after the unexpected elimination of Pia Toscano on last night‘s American Idol results show. (Yes, we see you, Jennifer Lopez.) Some of the remaining competitors were seemingly also struck by America sending one of the presumed frontrunners packing this early, taking to Twitter to share their reactions.

Stefano Lagone (who joined Toscano and Jacob Lusk in the bottom three Thursday night): “I don’t even know what to say right now… All I can say is it wasn’t right. And anyone that thinks they have a clue on how I feel or what I’m going thru as a PERSON, has NO idea…”

UPDATE [Lagone followed up this morning with new tweets]: Good morning everyone. Very very emotional night for me, for everyone I think. Jus want people to know I wasn’t upset about the reactions…Of the judges and audience….Or even what people are thinking or saying now. We create relationships with these people, closer bonds then people will ever know….It’s jus super tough… …And to my fans, thank you so much. I know you guys will be wit me whether I stay or not!You as well as me know what I’m capable of specially…After this competition! And that’s real! Much love always

Scott McCreery: “Really tough night. Yall let a good one go tnight america #speechless. But thnks for the votes n supprt. I appreciate it more than yall know”

Paul McDonald: “Good morning! Emotional night last night. So sad to see one of my best buds on the show @PToscanoAI10 go. She is such a talented singer.”

Lauren Alaina: I love u so much @PToscanoAI10 ! The bond we have will never be broken! Miss u ! Pialainer<3

Jennifer Lopez also tweeted her reaction: “I am truly sad. I can’t believe this happened. You have to vote for who you love! We will miss you @ptoscanoAI10 !!”

And Ryan Seacrest shared some behind-the-scenes details: “After we went off air no one in audience left their seat, everyone was in shock. Judges walked on stage to talk to her. @JLo was emotional…. If u don’t agree w/ the results on @AmericanIdol tonight, I remind u guys, U HAVE TO VOTE. Here’s how:

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