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During last night’s America’s Next Top Model, we saw WHO was eliminated — and after being scolded by the panel and suffering a panic attack on screen, Brittani was lucky that Mikaela was the contestant told to immediately return to the house, pack her belongings, and go home. (Read Keith Staskiewicz’s recap of the episode here.) But whether you’re Team Brittani or Team Alexandria, there’s no denying the panel — during which Tyra told a sobbing Brittani that she had wanted her to be eliminated instead of Mikaela — made for some great TV. (The host’s 10-minute tirade about Top Model not being a monarchy? Now, that we could have done without.) But where does it rank amongst Top Model‘s most dramatic panel moments ever?

Here’s a few that come to my mind:

  • Cycle 2: While a teary Yoanna and Sara wait in the bottom two for Tyra to announce their fates, the host keeps them on their toes a bit longer to discuss her favorite subject: herself. “Who am I to stand here and tell you that you have to leave when I’m starting something where the whole world is going to be criticizing me?” Tyra said about her short-lived “music career.” And criticize we did.
  • Cycle 4: Because of a childhood balance disorder, Rebecca interrupted panel by suddenly fainting. She was taken to the hospital, and, luckily, didn’t suffer any injuries, thanks to the weave she received during makeover week. (If only there was a silver lining for this.) But you guys, let’s focus on the important thing here: Tyra was scared.
  • Cycle 4: This one is hard to beat: After recovering from her fainting spell, Rebecca was one of two contestants let go in a double elimination. The other? Tiffany, the contestant who has the distinction of being the subject of Tyra’s wrath for not being upset enough about her ouster. “This is a joke to you,” Tyra told Tiffany. The contestant replied, “I’m sick of crying about things I can’t change.” Ty-zilla growled, “Do you know that all of America is rooting for you? Do you know that? And then you come in here and you treat this as a joke? … I have never in my life yelled at a girl like this. When my mother yells like this, it’s because she loves me. I was rooting for you. We were all rooting for you. How dare you?! Kiss my fat ass!
  • Cycle 7: When Brooke announced she was missing her graduation day for the next elimination panel, we knew she was doomed. After being told she was going to be sent home, Brooke bawled in the other girls’ arms, and thought out loud that she could be at graduation. Tyra had no sympathy: “There’s a lot of girls graduating and they’re walking, but do you know how many of them would love to be in your place right now?”
  • Cycle 9: Jenah consistently proved herself to be Top Model‘s frontrunner — even with that Fraggle Rock weave — but, according to Tyra, she lacked the Cover Girl attitude. The host was looking for more emotion and probed enough until Jenah broke down, saying she can be a role model without “spewing rainbows.” Despite the emotional display, Tyra sent Jenah home anyway … after helping her discover that she had mommy issues. Yay Ty-erapy!
  • Cycle 10: Oh Kimberly, we hardly knew ye: During the first elimination panel of season 10, Kimberly decided to quit, telling the panel, “To be completely honest, the whole fashion thing, it doesn’t interest me at all.” Mr. Jay’s hair turned a white shade of … white that second.
  • Cycle 12: After Tyra sent Kortnie home, Celia — a contestant who wasn’t even remotely in trouble that week — approached the panel and told the host, “Before you send Kortnie home, I think you should know that Thalia did express that she did not want to be in this competition anymore, and that she did not feel this was a wise career move on her part. It’s quite unfair for someone who doesn’t want to be here to remain in the competition.” Replied Tyra, in that sort of calm rage you expect from an evil headmistress: “You know what I think is unfair? That you’re saying this. And not Thalia.”

So where does last night’s panel rank among the series’ most dramatic, PopWatchers? Team Brittani or Team Alexandria or Team Who Knew Mr. Jay Looked So Good As a Psycho Woman?

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