By Kyle Anderson
April 07, 2011 at 04:45 PM EDT
Phil Andelman
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It’s been a rough decade for the Beastie Boys, as they’ve faced problems both personal (like Adam Yauch’s cancer, which has put the group on the back burner for the better part of two years) and professional (their last proper album, 2004’s To the Five Boroughs, was met with general apathy).

But now, Yauch is in better health and the trio has unleashed the single “Make Some Noise” from their long-delayed new album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. And the Boys seem to have found their musical groove again—listen to the track at their official site now.

With its honking organ, popping bass and shuffling backbeat, it sounds an awful lot like the Boys pulled out the reissues of Paul’s Boutique and Check Your Head for inspiration. While the tracks on To the Five Boroughs were mostly laid back, sleepy affairs, the two released songs from Hot Sauce Committee Part Two (“Make Some Noise” and the previously released single “Too Many Rappers”) have both had an intense, playful edge to them.

One disappointment? There’s no instantly-quotable line in “Make Some Noise.” The best Beastie Boys songs can usually be counted on to have one immortal rhyme that will live on even after you’ve forgotten the rest of the lyrics (then again, it’ll be hard for them to top a timeless gem like “I don’t mean to brag/ I don’t mean to boast/ But I’m intercontinental when I eat French toast”).

What do you think, readers—is this a return to form for the Beasties?

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