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Revel in the glory of motherhood, nerds. Tina Fey has a bun in the oven. But how will the Bossypants author’s recently announced pregnancy affect our pal Liz Lemon? The folks at 30 Rock have yet to reveal if or how Fey’s news will affect the show, but when you really think about it, it doesn’t really matter: Lemon has vaguely resembled a pregnant woman for the last five years (except for the minor detail of getting her period for 61 straight days). While you might be wondering how Fey can work her bundle of joy into next season’s plot, here’s a quick list of ways her pregnancy won’t change a thing, as it already fits in with Lemon’s trademarked quirks:

• Whether she’s wearing it as a joke or not, the slanket aficionado likes her bi-curious fashion choices and DIY finds (Duane Reade bags as underwear) on the larger side, which gives Fey infinite room to hide a growing belly and prevent any dirty looks from that office gossip Brian Williams.

• She’s known for “lizzing” and the occasional “snart” (always at inopportune times), which makes any morning sickness or other bodily changes caught on cam-eh-ra acceptable and, sadly, totally predictable.

• Fey’s pregnancy cravings won’t mean much to her fictional coworkers, who expect Lemon to have her hands full each scene with either lowbrow snack foods (like Cheesy Blasters and Sabor de Soledad cheese puffs), cupcakes, sandwiches, or night cheese.

Way to go, Tina. I’m high-fiving a million angels for you right now. May Dr. Spacemen walk you through a totally normal 12-month pregnancy.

Ultimately, it’s likely the 30 Rock writers will go the way of Jane Krakowski’s recent bun-in-the-oven and work around Fey’s pregnancy — of course Lemon would get pregnant after Jenna, no one will ever let her enjoy the spotlight by herself! — unless Fey and Co. really are looking to end the series. You know what they say, third time’s a charm, and our dear Lemon has already escaped a pregnancy scare and faked being with child. Maybe it’s time for the real thing? Because, really, what kid doesn’t wouldn’t be proud of having this for a mother?

Your turn, dummies. Should Liz Lemon get pregnant on 30 Rock? If so, there has to be a better baby daddy option than Dennis, right?

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