By Emily Exton
Updated April 06, 2011 at 08:20 PM EDT

Along with Ricky Gervais and Will Arnett, NBC has confirmed the addition of Ray Romano, James Spader, and Catherine Tate to The Office‘s May 19 finale. With so much time between new episodes and all this talk of upcoming guest stars, it’s hard not to get carried away with dream plotlines. But what will this epic finale entail? Let’s brainstorm. Come on!

Office writer and star Mindy Kaling may have revealed that Arnett will be portraying the series’ most infamous character, The Scranton Strangler. The network has yet to confirm these casting details to EW, but we’d like to believe Fair Mindy, if only because the sight of Gob Bluth in prison orange would be one we’d love to revisit. My dream backstory for Arnett’s Strangler: He’s traveled the country (by Segway) looking for opportunities to work his tricks and for some loose women to do the same, before becoming discouraged and choosing a life of crime in hopes of regaining the attention of his estranged family. Oh, let’s face it: That’s probably how Gob’s life turned out anyway. (Except I also picture Ann — her? — as the Bonnie to Arnett’s Clyde.)

Now, what I hope to see back in Scranton: Toby lets it slip that he’s serving on the trial of the longstanding local villain, and a chance to watch the dramatic trial in person is something his coworkers can’t pass up. (And during the inevitable post-Michael Scott transition period, what work would they being doing anyway?) The Strangler already has a tailor-made defense: He’s just an illusion, your honor, an ILLUSION. And he’s only just made a huge mistake! To ensure he gets off, his family has wired money to recruit hotshot attorney Bob Loblaw Alan Shore (James Spader), but the two can’t seen to work together because of the competing egos. Ray Barone (Ray Romano), a local sports reporter still adjusting to the NEPA area after falling victim to the recession and media bloodbath in New York, is a key witness to the murders, is subpoenaed by Dwight — who has been dutifully following the serial killer’s every move for the past two seasons and has volunteered his time on the prosecution, in exchange for free nights at Schrute Farms (during off-peak season only).

Well, Office fans? Come on! What do you think of Arnett as the mysterious Scranton Strangler? Is a courtroom showdown what you’d like to see or do you think you can do me one better? How should the writers wrap up this season, and who – if any – of these famous names should take the reins at Dunder Miffin HQ for good?

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