By Annie Barrett
Updated April 06, 2011 at 07:52 PM EDT

You know what Dancing With the Stars needs? MORE TOM BERGERON. I mean, not really — there he is, all the time. But in a new audio cast I’m calling “The Host’s Leaderboard” (alt. title: “Screw Seacrest!”), the host with the most hidden gem nominations chats with me liiiiiiiiiiiiiiive after the Tuesday night results shows. This week: Tom compares Maks and Kirstie’s legendary fall to other Glitterdome disasters like Marie Osmond’s faint, imitates the way Len says “Seh-vehhhhn!” at my request, tries out some material for next week’s “Classical” performance show, and threatens to make me a personal guest in the ballroom so I will have to be a visible gem. And what exactly would Tom’s hypothetical wrist tattoo even say? You may be surprised to find out. It’s all happening….not liiiiiiiive. Press play below.

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