Doesn’t it say “Let only he who is without sin picket a Lady Gaga concert” somewhere in the Bible?

In her latest YouTube video diary update, Gaga reveals footage of her arguing with a Christian fundamentalist protester outside of one of her shows. The picketer—who was doling out “get out of hell free” cards—was a bigot with a big gut who seemed to get quite a kick out of cutting off Gaga mid-sentence.

In the video, Gaga’s car rolls up to the lonely protester and she offers a friendly, “Hi, I’m Lady Gaga,” to which the man replies huffily, “So?”

You know what, guy? You are clearly spending hours of your free time lurking around her concert, which sort of undercuts the whole “So you’re Brad Pitt? That don’t impress me much” attitude.

Trying to meet him on some common ground, Gaga told the man, “I’m listening. You know we really believe in God at my show.” “Well, your pervert ways don’t quite equate to what God is all about,” the man spat out. “ When asked to clarify, he made what I’m sure he thought was a devastating, eloquent argument: “Yeah, the homo stuff.”

You can skip ahead to the 2:20 mark and watch it here:

When Gaga begins to ask him about his “hurtful” choice of words, the guy takes a cue from the Limbaugh/O’Reilly playbook and condescendingly cuts her off before a real conversation can begin. “You know the black book, the gold edges, the little ribbon?” he asked, referring to the Bible.

“I went to Catholic school for thirteen years–” Gaga started before being stopped again. “That’s probably most of your problem,” the man generously explained. “You got raised in a screwy religion.” Geez, there’s no pleasing this guy! He doesn’t like gay people, he doesn’t like Catholics… he must have an engaging, multifaceted social life.

But on to less contentious matters: At the end of this video, Gaga announced that April 19 is the release date of her upcoming single “Judas.” (Doesn’t that name come from the black book with the gold edges?) A mere 13 days away! That hardly gives fans enough time to memorize the lyrics.

Brilliant song alert: While Gaga is talking to the camera, you can hear Ladytron’s “Seventeen” playing in the background. What excellent taste you have, Ms. Gaga.