Up until this point, Kings of Leon‘s narrative has mostly centered around the fact that they are all family members (brothers Nathan, Caleb and Jared, plus cousin Matthew) and that they have graduated from blog-rock darlings to mainstream arena-fillers (thanks primarily to smash “Use Somebody”).

But little is known of their early life, which Talihina Sky: The Story of Kings of Leon will apparently illuminate. The just-released trailer for the film (which will see its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival) focuses on the family’s transient life during the three brothers’ youth, which they spent driving around the South setting up tent revivals overseen by their Pentecostal preacher father, Ivan Leon Followill:

The images in the two-and-a-half minute trailer are pretty striking. Somebody in the Followill family was pretty good with a home video camera, as the trailer features all sorts of footage from childhood events, including opening Christmas gifts and horsing around a swimming hole. That stuff is juxtaposed with bits of those kooky religious ceremonies, which saw plenty of followers apparently rolling on the floor, speaking in tongues and generally becoming overcome with the spirit. It’s kind of like watching the credit sequence from True Blood, minus vampires.

Also, the Followills are apparently obsessed with mooning the camera, so there are a ton of butt shots. And that’s just in the trailer.

Since we know the band ultimately ditched the Pentecostal life for the sake of rock and roll, the end of the movie is pretty much a moot point. And there’s no real hint at a true narrative either, as the only real guide through the trailer is Leon himself, who talks about the house the boys grew up in and his general concern for their eternal souls. Still, Talihina Sky looks like it’ll be quite a head trip, and promises to knock the usual rock-doc structure on its ear.

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