Clearly using some form of Lost-style (or perhaps Season 4 Felicity-style) time travel, J. J. Abrams has somehow found time between working on Super 8, the Star Trek sequel, the new Mission Impossible, and two awesome-sounding pilots, to write a novel. Okay, maybe not write, per se. Abrams is billed as the “creator” of the new book, which was just picked up today by Mulholland Books and which will be actually written by author Doug Dorst. Abrams’ contributions will probably not be unlike Guillermo Del Toro’s work on The Strain trilogy.

The novel at this point has no official title and so can be referred to, like so many other things, as Untitled J. J. Abrams Project, but it is set to release in fall 2012. According to Little, Brown’s Michael Pietsch, “Doug and J. J.’s story will explode the bonds of the novel in ways no book has ever done.” There are no plot details beyond this assertion that it will turn our minds inside out and change the future of the written word forever, but I think we’re pretty much guaranteed to see at least a few mysterious viral videos and/or hidden messages over the next year-and-a-half, coupled with wild speculation from fans. (It’s a lion!) In fact, there might even be an exclusive secret code hidden in this very blog post!*

*Spoiler alert: There’s not.