By Jeff Labrecque
Updated April 06, 2011 at 09:40 PM EDT
Credit: Stewart: Everett Collection

Sweden is paying tribute to two of its most famous movie legends by immortalizing them on that nation’s money, according to the Associated Press. Greta Garbo will grace the new 100-kroner bill beginning in 2014, and director Ingmar Bergman will appear on the 200. In this country, we’ve limited our universal acclaim for artists and entertainers to honorary stamps, but maybe it’s time we wiped bloody Andrew Jackson off the $20 and replaced him with a genuine movie star. Such actors would have to be more than just popular. They’d need to be adored, and their portrait alone needs to convey some gravitas, some feeling of worth. Here are my nominees:

$1: Gregory Peck

$5: Henry Fonda

$10: Katharine Hepburn

$20: Humphrey Bogart

$50: Clark Gable

$100: Jimmy Stewart — Instead of “In God We Trust,” the back will read, “I Wish I Had a Hundred Dollars. HOT DOG!”

I like the bonus of calling the bills by the names of the actor: “Lend me a Bogey,” “Did you give that valet a Fonda?” “Twelve Pecks? That’s ridiculous for a movie ticket!”

Who would you nominate for America’s silver-screen greenbacks?