Crazy Stupid Love
Credit: Warner Bros.

Sooo… how many of you are going to screengrab this trailer at 1:14 for your new desktop wallpaper? (See right.) But a (nearly) nude Ryan Gosling is not the only thing to love about the spot for Crazy Stupid Love, the July 29 film that has been picking up some mad buzz here in the EW offices. Nope, there’s also the insanely respectable cast — Steve Carell as a mopey divorcé, Julianne Moore as his ex-wife, Gosling as the ladies’ man who teaches Carell’s character how to get game, and Emma Stone as Gosling’s character’s latest conquest — a shopping montage, a glimpse of Top Model cycle 11’s Analeigh Tipton, and this line, spoken by Moore: “You know when I told you that I had to work late? I really went to see the new Twilight movie by myself. And it was so bad.” Who else predicts that they’ll fall crazily and stupidly in love with this new flick?

Also: This seems like the film Hitch wanted so badly to be, no?

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