Meredith Vieira
Credit: Brian Killian/WireImage


Two days after a new round of Katie-Couric-is-leaving-CBS stories hit the internet, now comes word that another high-profile newswoman may be abdicating her post. According to a report in TV Guide, Meredith Vieira will step down as the co-anchor of NBC’s Today when her contract expires in September.

Supposedly, the early morning hours — combined with the health of her husband, who has fought cancer and multiple sclerosis — are behind her decision to leave. Apparently, NBC won’t let her go without a fight. “NBC is doing everything they can to convince her to stay,” an insider told the publication. And here’s the official company line: “The Today show anchors are currently under contract and firmly in place.”

Vieira, 57, left ABC’s The View to replace Couric on Today in 2006. Couric, meanwhile, is expected to vacate her post with the CBS Evening News to pursue a daytime talk show. Her contract is up in June.