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Happy Tuesday, all! I come with freshly picked intel, completely pesticide free.

If you see your favorite show missing, remember to put in a request at or send me a Tweet (@EWSandraG). Also, as always, feel free to include heaps of praise, your general TV musings, and mythology theories so good I’d like to claim as my own! See you again Friday for more!


Holy cow, Humans! Last night’s penultimate episode of Being Human on Syfy not only included a few nail-biting cliffhangers (Please don’t die, Aidan!), but it also left us on a great note going into the season 1 finale. Lucky for you, Sam Witwer spilled many a secrets about next week’s wicked finale to help ease the pain of the wait.

“There are actually a few cliffhangers, and there are a few provocative questions, primarily with Josh and Aidan,” Witwer says. And some of those new questions are likely to be raised in the flashback scene to two years ago that “explains something that Josh did earlier this season,” Witwer teases. “There’s a vengeful move that Josh does at the urging of [Josh’s jerk were-buddy] Ray. We learn a little bit more about why he did that. And we’re also catching Aidan right as he’s about to pull away from the vampires; he’s already starting to feel quite alone and isolated. So that, more than anything, allows him to identify Josh as someone else who has the same problem.”

But aside from exploring Aidan and Josh’s first encounter, the episode will also play a key part in defining what the trio’s friendship has become since their first meeting earlier this season — and what might change. “By the end of the season, the question of are they better together or better apart is answered — or begins to get answered. We have a lot of moments that are designed to remind us — sometimes literally and sometimes in a metaphoric way — how far these characters have come with each other,” Witwer says.

But just don’t get too comfortable with the direction — or line-up, for that matter — that you see now. Because Witwer warns that come next week, not all will be as it is now. “Some of the things we end with demand the show has to change to keep up with them.”


Has the wait been long enough for you? Well, lucky for you, the first new episode of Supernatural in six weeks is all you’ve been waiting for — a little mythology, a lot of one-liners, and a heck of a twist.

In the April 15 episode, titled “My Heart Will Go On,” Sam and Dean find themselves in an altered reality where everything — from the not-Impala they drive (horror!) to the career of Celine Dion — is different as a result of the Titanic not sinking. But once Supernatural fans get a glimpse of how the ship’s safe arrival to the U.S. affects the world, you might find yourself wishing, like Balthazar (who’s behind the altered world), that the ship never sank. Particularly when you see the circumstances under which Ellen (Samantha Ferris) returns to the fold. If you, like me, bawled like a baby when she and Jo (Alona Tal) were killed off last season, you might shed more than a tear during this episode.

Also great? Many bromantic moments between Dean, Sam, and the “dirty-trenchcoat-wearing angel who’s in love” with them. Not my words.


The spy world is a dangerous place, and after Awesome and Ellie welcomed baby Clara this season, I got a flood of emails asking if this was the end of the new parents’ spy adventures. Well, for the most part it was — at least in regards to this season, when they resided primarily in Babyville. But things are about to change…

“It was really tricky because the first time Awesome got into the spy world, it was a little self-centered to be honest. You know, married life does have its lulls. He wanted to spice things up a little bit and get that adrenaline rush,” Ryan McPartlin says. “If he did that now with a baby, it would be really selfish. So [the writers] had to be really careful bringing us into the spy world and making it out of necessity rather than desire.” Fans can assume that “necessity” has something to do with Pa Bartowski’s laptop of secrets, which Ellie has found herself engrossed with since she got her hands on it. But McPartlin eased any fears a bit, saying that the audience will be “relieved and happy to see what comes of it.” But not before Awesome and Ellie get to have a little fun.

“I think the audience still likes to relate to people who are thrown in there, who have no business being there. Otherwise, you jut have Alias. Where does it go? Whereas when we get in there, everything is haphazard,” he says, laughing.


Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

I’d love some Drop Dead Diva! — Margo

Then you’ll love this. Sharon Lawrence and Faith Prince will be reprising their roles as Deb and Jane’s mom, respectively, in episode 7 of next season, titled “Mothers’ Day.” But prepare to see them like we’ve never seen them before: singing “Lean On Me” with Brooke Elliott! “Jane’s got to help both moms with [separate] legal issues, and they’re fighting over her attention. She’s being torn between both mothers,” creator Josh Berman tells EW exclusively. “Then on top of that, we learn something new about her relationship with Grayson in this episode. It’s a juicy episode.” Juicy, indeed! (We’ve got tons more Diva scoop here.)

Smallville! Will we finally get to see Tom Welling in the “suit”? There are rumors that they have filmed substantial scenes of him in the tights for the last minutes of the series. — Wade

That would be a huge spoiler, of course, and you can understand why Smallville is locking its doors as we move closer to the finale. But I will, however, point you to a little something exec producer Brian Peterson told me last week about the finale: “At the heart of [every episode] is a very important step in Clark’s journey,” he said. “[So] while the finale wraps up storylines with the other characters, it is very, very much about Clark and his big moment of transformation.” Catch that? Key word: transformation.

Blair Waldorf needs a devil redeemed, not a donut. Is there any good Chuck/Blair stuff coming up on Gossip Girl? — Janey

And your reward is such: Of course there are great Chair moments coming up! Producers have certainly heard your cries, and all I’ll say is that you should not count anyone out of the running for Blair’s heart. On that note, can everyone please give Josh Schwartz his Twitter back? [Also, CONGRATULATIONS. You are the winner of this week’s Best Question award for one of the best characterizations of Dan Humphrey I’ve ever read.]

Can you tell us anything about Blair on Gossip Girl and the many men in her life? She’s got her pauper, her prince and her king — how will she ever choose?! I’m really rooting for Chuck and Blair to get back together eventually. Can you tell us if the last five episodes have some drama for them? — Leslie

I don’t know how she’ll choose, but I do know that easier choices have been made by entire branches of the U.S. government. Kidding. But in all seriousness, there is definitely drama to be had, and I hear there’s more than you can handle in the two-part finale, which takes place over one event-filled night in the Gossip-verse (but airs over two weeks for us).

No Nikita? Please, something for the Agents! — Sarah

April 7. Don’t. Miss. This. Episode. I can’t tell you why, though, because I was asked not to reveal the big ending with [spoiler] and [spoiler] [spoiler] [spoiler]. P.S. – LOVE the new nickname — “Agents”!

Can you tell me when we get to see more Boyd and Ava? They are my new favorite relationship on Justified. — Ellyn

As they should be! Boyd Crowder — suddenly a gentleman? What’s not to love about that. Unfortunately, the last few episodes hold tough times for this totally captivating odd couple, says exec producer Graham Yost. “Raylan finds it very difficult to change, [but] Boyd has found it impossible. I think Ava is right there as well. Our feeling was that she didn’t marry Bowman because he was a football star. We think she didn’t mind being in the criminal life,” he says. “That was one of our goals of season 2 — to play this flirting, coming together, coming apart between them two. That will have repercussions — and they wont all be good.”

Is Leonard Nimoy ever coming back to Fringe? — James

I get this question pretty much every week. So I recently posed it verbatim to exec producers Jeff Pinkner and Joel H. Wyman. “Leonard is going to play — sorry to tease this — but Leonard is going to play an unexpected role in the show,” Pinkner said. Wyman agreed coyly, “Right.” These two are geniuses … but they also make my brain hurt.

Any word on my fave summer show Rizzoli and Isles? — Aly

The show is currently casting an incredibly important part — a hunky, 30-something mechanic who used to crush on Jane but now has his eyes set on Maura. But something about how the tale ends tells me the role won’t be recurring…

On House, how does Thirteen still have a job if she’s been in prison? She can’t still be a doctor, right? — Mary

Your question is answered in Thirteen’s big return episode next Monday. Olivia Wilde teases, “He definitely does her a favor, and that proves to her how valuable she is on the team.”

We know that House knows Thirteen’s secret by the end of next week. Does everyone else find out, too? — Claire

Of course they do. But it’s their reactions you should be asking me about. “She ends up really needing the help of one of them [but] in order to get that help, she has to tell him what happened,” Wilde says. “I think her relationships with them have changed.”

It’s Always Sunny! Info always comes out around this time. — Drew

Right you are. But you know what I’m glad doesn’t (typically) come around this time, Drew? Storms. Horrible storms. But too bad for Philly, there’s one headed their way. “We have an episode next season called ‘Storm of the Century,’ in which a horrible storm hits Philly, and things escalate. We’re not entirely sure this storm doesn’t mean the apocalypse is coming,” star Glenn Howerton tells EW. “Some of our characters are a little concerned what Mayans believed, and there’s a little 2012 action.”

Dear Sandra, Any word on a different network picking up The Cape? Or a possible continuation in comic book form? A Carnival of Crime spin off? I thought the series was gelling nicely and am sad that we could be left hanging after only 10 eps! Any spoilers on what would have been? — Ina

Well, the series is still officially part of NBC because there is no official word on its fate. That said — and considering the finale aired online only — there’s a safe assumption that can be made. Also a safe assumption? Closure. There was a definite plan for the series, and it will become public somehow, I’m told. The question is how.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

I need some Warehouse 13 info — is Myka coming back? I hate waiting a whole year for a summer show to return. — Nathan C.

Waits are painful but usually worth it — and I hear yours might be, too. Though the powers that be are still quite mum on a return for Myka and would not confirm her appearance in the first episode of the third season (as listed on IMDB), a “you’ll see” is always better than a “no.” Right?

I’d love some Raising Hope. It’d make the wait so much easier! — R.C.

The April 26 episode, called “Everybody Flirts … Sometimes,” should probably be called “Burt Bigalow Male Gigolo,” as it explores the the fine art of flirting. Turns out it’s so much fun, everyone gives it a try! But let’s just say that it works out better for some family members than others.

Nurse Jackie, please!!! — Grace

Next week, Kyle XY alum Jaimie Alexander begins her recurring role as Kevin’s flighty sister, Tunie, who comes into the family’s life post-break-up and finds herself sticking around longer than Jackie anticipated. But as unpredictable as she seems, she doesn’t seem half as much trouble as the other new face who appears in Jackie’s life in this episode, whose sole purpose is to cause a lot of trouble in Jackie’s kinda-quest for sobriety.

Any news on the crossover ep of Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order: LA? — Noah

Deputy D.A. Jonah Dekker (Terrence Howard) will go toe-to-toe in court with newly re-instated Casey Novak (Diane Neal). But with a lot on the line — his cousin is on trial for rape — Dekker prepares for anything Novak throws at him. Well, almost anything. When the case takes a truly surprising turn, everything ruthless you remember about Novak comes roaring back, and at one point, you’re probably going to completely hate that you love having her back.

Anything on my favorite CBS show, which is anything that doesn’t mention Charlie Sheen? — Kris

Will some Mike & Molly work? In an upcoming episode, Molly will learn why you don’t take a hungry man to church. In related scoop, a very important word will be uttered on a CBS show before the end of the season: “Twins.”

(Additional reporting by Mandi Bierly and Hillary Busis)

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