Credit: Nick Briggs/HBO

The first dab of Game of Thrones ratings trivia is in. On Sunday night, HBO aired a 15-minute preview showing the opening scenes of its highly anticipated new series. Here’s how many watched: 720,000.

Is that good? Bad? Tough to say. It’s just a preview, and all the advertising for Thrones is emphasizing the actual premiere on April 17. Plus, plenty of would-be viewers watched the preview online (see it here). I think it’s fair to conclude this is not a giant number indicating the show’s debut will go through the ratings roof. But given its non-promoted and brief nature, nor does it suggest support for the show is soft — an HBO spokesperson points out the network has never done something like this before.

I’ve watched the first six episodes. Many are going to love Thrones — especially those who stick around through the first few hours. Episodes 5 and 6 were incredible.

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