Recently, it seems like a musical treat from Ms. Britney Spears has been dropping nearly every day: snippet after snippet, single after single, a video, the full album! Today (err, yesterday, really) it was a 30-second teaser for Spears’ next video for club banger “Till the World Ends.” (The full video will hit VEVO tomorrow, and don’t worry—we’ll be all over it here at The Music Mix.)

The clip we’ve been treated to is basically the “oh-oh-oh-oh-oh” chorus part of the jam, and the main feature — when it comes to Britney’s ever-delightful moves — is bouncing! Because, why wouldn’t you bounce to such a chorus? It just feels natural. Also, the vid features a post-apocalyptic vibe that finds people going underground…to go bounce-dance with her. Naturally! As of right now, there seems to be no product placement, except, of course, Spears’ standard wigs and weaves (if those count). Enjoy here:

What’d you think? Stoked to see the full thing tomorrow?

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