The rebooted version of Thundercats will arrive on Cartoon Network in July, but you can check out an extended look at the series in a new trailer that was presented over the weekend at WonderCon. I didn’t watch the original Thundercats and am generally skeptical about shows that feature talking cat-people with spiky hair, but at least based on the trailer, the show looks pretty nifty. The animation has a bright anime sheen, and there are plenty of epic sword-vs.-robot battle scenes, complete with an awesome war cry: “Fight like cats! For our ancestors! For the pride!” (Fun fact: Larry Kenney, the voice of Thundercats protagonist Lion-O in the original series, is back in the new show as Lion-O’s father.) Check out the trailer after the jump and let us know what you think about the newer, shapelier, epic-er Thundercats in the comments.

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