By Mandi Bierly
April 04, 2011 at 08:46 PM EDT

In an interview with The New York Times, Katie Couric confirmed that as her contract with CBS Evening News is set to expire in June, she and Jeff Zucker have been “discussing the possibilities” of her doing a syndicated show in 2012. (CBS declined to comment on its “ongoing discussions” with Couric.) When asked what her hypothetical syndicated show would be known for — Oprah-style giveaways, Ellen-style dancing — Couric said, “Hopefully for smart conversation.” What are you picturing? 

For starters, I see Couric headlining the show solo — no need for that “smart conversation” to become half inaudible by others talking over her a la The View and The Talk. I want her to have fun, but stop shy of giveaways, dancing, and fawning over celebrities. In a way, maybe she could be the Jon Stewart of daytime in the sense that people would want to go on her show because they trust that that smart conversation will flow. Your turn!

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