EW’s Dalton Ross has already dubbed it the Fight of the Century, and he may he right: Below, watch the instant classic meltdown of Meat Loaf on last night’s Celebrity Apprentice after his bag of art supplies goes missing and he believes Gary Busey took it. As Dalton writes in his recap, “In approximately two minutes, Mr. Loaf (Meat to friends and family) let fly with 1 s—, 1 bulls—, 6 motherf—– or motherf——s and 16 — yes, 16! — good ol’ fashion f— or f—ings. That’s 24 expletives. 24! (Yes, I counted.)” It truly is fascinating to watch someone say the sentence, “I bought those motherf—in’ sponges” with so much rage. In the end, Busey is vindicated, and Mark McGrath emerges the true winner … because he gets to say the sentence “I have to stop Meat Loaf from ripping Gary Busey’s head off, literally.”

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