Early reports coming in from Chicago say Charlie Sheen presented a revamped and improved show for the second performance of his My Torpedo of Truth Tour.

Sheen took the stage at the Chicago Theatre on Sunday night with a show that featured fewer video clips than his debut and had the actor telling anecdotes from his life (hmm, why do those changes sound familiar?). Plus, Sheen ditched the comedian stand-up act and added a Q&A segment with an interviewer.

Despite the fixes, Sheen blamed reaction to the Detroit show not on himself, but on the opening night audience. Sheen reportedly urged the audience “not to become (expletive) Detroit tonight. Let’s show Detroit how it’s (expletive) done.” Some audience members chanted “Detroit sucks.”

According to TMZ, Sheen told stories about smoking weed with Chris Penn and said he would return to Two and a Half Men, but called the folks who run the show “blood suckers.” During a Q&A segment, Sheen was asked why he pays for sex and replied “because I had millions to blow; I ran out of things to buy.”

More reviews: “Doomed to fail as a live act” says Chicago Sun Times, but “it got the job done” says Chicago Trib and CNN says “funny, funny Charlie.”

Overall, it sounds like the performance was a step up from the spectacular Detroit boo-fest.