By Joseph Brannigan Lynch
April 01, 2011 at 09:05 PM EDT
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Those of you sorry souls wishing the “Friday” viral video would just go away are entirely out of luck. It’s become clear that once the Internet community goes (Rebecca) Black, it doesn’t go back.

The Funny or Die website has rechristened itself “Friday or Die” today, apparently because viral video star Rebecca Black has bought out the humor site. (Before you believe that statement, however, kindly check your calendar.)

All this madness means that Black Friday comes early this year, thanks to a slew of “we so exclusive” videos dedicated to — and starring — the 13-year-old bowl-of-cereal-enthusiast. Taking time off from her busy schedule of homework, driving in cars without seatbelts and watching thousands of dollars roll in, Rebecca Black herself participates in this video series documenting the highs and lows of her month-long fame.

The highlight is the BBC Arts & Culture spoof where Black explains that her famed front seat/back seat conundrum was actually her way of addressing our country’s extended overseas wars. “Front seat: Afghanistan, back seat: Iraq. We gotta make our mind up,” she urged with requisite gravitas.

It turns out Rebecca actually has a lot of the world’s problems on her mind these days. An infomercial for her reasonably priced ($79.99) greatest hits disc revealed an upcoming song is entitled “End the Massacre (Song for Sudan).” It’s nice to see some teenage singers are concerned with bigger issues than Eenie or Meenie.

Van Halen wailer Sammy Hagar also appears in a random video to talk about his funfunfunfun epiphany when he first saw the video. I guess he was also able to take time off from riding in cars without seatbelts and watching the money roll in to pay tribute to the “Friday” meme.

What do you think of Rebecca Black spoofing herself? Are you soooo over her? Thus far, this kid seems to be rolling with the punches on her viral fame thing — unlike a lot of YouTube stars’ post-fame work, she doesn’t come across as desperate to solidify her fame. She’s just kind of going along with it because, well, what else is she going to do with her spare time? After all, we know she has Mondays through Wednesdays wide open.

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