If you were hiding from the Grey’s Anatomy “Musical Event” last night, you were probably watching Mobbed. (My apologies to the male demographic — it just wasn’t your night for TV.) Admittedly, I didn’t watch it until this morning, but I rather enjoyed it. Proposals, dancing… what’s not to like? Oh, wait. There’s one thing: That awkward, insta-wedding!

Let me back up. This Howie Mandel-hosted show aims to use flash mobs like people once used blimps — to communicate messages in a bold way. In this episode, a guy enlists Mandel and his team to propose to his jealous girlfriend. (Run, man! Run!) And after a cheating fake-out — a woman walked up to the boyfriend and threw a drink in his face to elicit accusations of cheating from his girlfriend — the man excused himself to go change his clothes. That’s when the action started!

A security guard started singing. Everyone in the fancy restaurant started swaying. And before she knew it, she was outside in front of hundreds of flash mobbers being proposed to. It was a great moment, and yeah, I cried. It’s such a grand gesture of love — and I’m a sucker for that kind of thing.

The only misstep — and it was a big one — was that the boyfriend and Howie had planned the wedding for her. Horrifying! Yes, they flew in her best friends and family. But they also stuck her in a frump of a dress that went OVER her clothes, a cheap-looking tiara, and had the ceremony in the middle of a crowd of strangers. I don’t know a single girl who would have wanted that for her wedding day. And from the look on the girl’s face, I don’t think she really wanted it either. She gets points for playing along, though.

I need to go calm down now. The idea of a hijacked wedding just riles me up too much. Can’t. Handle.

What did you think, PopWatchers? Did you watch Mobbed? What did you think?