Fakih Austin Split
Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images; Donna Ward/Getty Images

This Monday, April 4, the canceled MTV reality series WWE Tough Enough will be gloriously resurrected in the cable TV arena. So grease up your biceps, get a patriotic hard rock playlist ready and, of course, put on your sparkling tiara. The reigning Miss USA Rima Fakih — yes, the girl who won a pole-dancing contest — is part of USA Network’s revival of this wrestling reality show from the early ’00s that found hopeful muscleheads vying for a WWE contract.

So what exactly is our nation’s beauty queen doing on a Stone Cold Steve Austin-hosted reality series? Well, she’s competing, as a matter of fact, and she’s putting herself on the receiving end of pro wrestling’s time-honored tossing technique to prove her chutzpah. We have a first look at how the current Miss USA crown-holder deals with multiple body slams here:

Fakih handles the body slams rather impressively. She doesn’t complain and unlike other beauty contestants, she doesn’t fold under pressure and start mumbling things like, “I believe that our, I, education like such as, uh, South Africa, and uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as.” No sir — like a true patriot, Fakih rolls up her sleeves and allows herself to be unceremoniously hurled to the ground over and over by a man three times her size. And all of this for a prize (WWE membership) that she probably doesn’t even want! God bless America, land that I love.

Although we’re not sure what kind of an audience a media crossover like this is supposed to appeal to — in fact, it’s making that Scooby-Doo/Harlem Globetrotters episode seem downright reasonable — you have to respect Fakih for playing along. I can’t imagine a Kardashian committing to a season of headlocks and Steve Austin barking at your face.

What do you think of the return of WWE Tough Enough? Do you think Fakih will soar like Miss Kansas Danni Boatwright, the victor of Survivor: Guatemala, or fail ignominiously like Miss Oregon Jennifer Murphy did on The Apprentice in that infamous four-person firing?

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