Victorious Kesha
Credit: Lisa Rose/Nickelodeon

EW has learned exclusively that Ke$ha is slated to guest star as herself and perform in the April 22 episode of Nickelodeon’s sitcom Victorious titled “Ice Cream for Ke$ha.” The pop sensation finds herself at the center of a Golden Ticket-like contest where fans have to piece together her name (including the infamous dollar-bill sign she uses as an “s,” of course) from letters at the bottom of ice cream containers.

The winner who finds all the letters to Ke$ha’s name first wins a personal, private concert from the pop act. The show’s star, aspiring singer Tori (Victoria Justice), and her gang are obsessed with the contest. In fact, Ke$ha’s real life brother, 11-year-old Louie, shows up as a lynch-pin character in the storyline, contributing to Tori and Co. eventually winning the chance to see Ke$ha perform her latest single “Blow,” glitter and all.

“It’s a private concert, and yeah, I will say that the costumes are awesome and there’s definitely lots of glitter,” Justice tells EW. “It was really fun to film. It’s the first time on my show that we’ve had a successful radio artist perform on the show. Ke$ha’s kind of edgier, and I think that it’s cool to bring that element to the show.”

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