''The Fighter'' star joins castmembers Henry Cavill, Kevin Costner, and Diane Lane

By Keith Staskiewicz
April 01, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

Superman’s gal pal Lois Lane has had a big week. On March 27, Warner Bros. announced that Amy Adams will play the reporter in its franchise reboot. Adams joins new Man of Steel Henry Cavill, as well as Kevin Costner and Diane Lane, who’ll play Supe’s adoptive parents, on the Zack Snyder-helmed project. Said Snyder in a statement, ”Amy has the talent to capture all of the qualities we love about Lois: smart, tough, funny, warm, ambitious and, of course, beautiful.”

That same day, a letter penned by Joanne Siegel, the woman who was the real-life basis for Lois Lane, surfaced on Deadline.com. Siegel — who died Feb. 12 — was the widow of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel and had been locked in an ongoing legal struggle with Warner Bros. and DC Comics over rights to and profits from the character. In the letter, dated Dec. 10, 2010, and addressed to Time Warner CEO Jeffrey L. Bewkes, Siegel asks for profits allegedly owed to her family. ”DC and Warner Bros. have profited enormously from 72 years of exploiting Jerry and Joe [Shuster’s] wonderful creation.” It goes on to entreat Bewkes to ”get personally involved to insure this matter is handled properly.” (Warner Bros. and ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY are both owned by Time Warner.) As it stands now, the Siegel estate owns half of the rights, and the rest will revert to the Shuster family in 2013.