By James Hibberd
March 31, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT

Been a bit slow lately aside from the Mad Men drama. So in honor of April Fools Day, below is our prayer to the TV gods: A dirty dozen of online traffic-boosting headlines we’d like to see:

Lost prequel announced: Peninsula-set reboot to explain everything

— NBC reveals shocking new The Office boss: Dave Chappelle!

— Fox: “We screwed up, let’s bring back Firefly

— The Glee and Grey’s Anatomy crossover wedding: Yes, it’s happening!

Farscape resumes production

— Mitch Hurwitz: “There is no Arrested Development movie, we’ve totally been f—ing with you”

— Axe body spray blamed in tragic Jersey Shore nightclub fire: Will cast appear on TV again?

— Surprise! Syfy changes name back to Sci Fi Channel

— Nielsen rocked by payola scandal: Fringe and Chuck are actually TV’s most-watched shows

— HBO, Showtime abandon pay TV model: All shows now free

— Josh Holloway cast as Han Solo in Star Wars live-action TV series

— Charlie Sheen fired from Two and a Half Men after declaring himself a Vatican Assassin Warlock in crazy radio rants— oh, wait…