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Updated August 03, 2020 at 12:02 PM EDT
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I don’t want to like this new song from the super boy band that I’m pretty sure was plucked straight out of my wildest dreams. (Did I mention my dreams are pretty boring?) The problem is that Sandra circa 1998 won’t let me mock it.

The new song from NKOTBSB (New Kids on the Block + Back Street Boys), titled “Don’t Turn Off the Lights,” was first previewed in December to fans aboard the Backstreet Boys cruise*, but this is the first time the track has been heard in its entirety. You can hear it below:

Admittedly, it takes more than a few cues from the Boys’ “Straight Through My Heart,” and is basically a perfect pop song incognito. Yeah, that dance beat isn’t fooling anyone—this is pure pop. That aside, there are a few things I can appreciate about it—most notably the fact that the two band’s voices are so seamlessly woven together. It’s almost a game—again, a lame game that only I would play — to identify each voice in the song. (So far, I know that BSBer Brian starts the song, A.J joins in, then NKOTB’s Joey.** Then, I’m stumped.)

I’m done. I’m giving in: I love it. There, I said it. I can admit that I’m not over this boyband thing. At. All. Can you?

* = jealous!

** = Debate!

UPDATE: EW has been made aware that the song is a leak not yet meant for release, so we have pulled the link down. Sorry, guys!


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