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I’ve got a box of Puffs ready to go for tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy: The Musical Event. If you haven’t done the same, it’s safe for me to declare you completely unprepared.

Last week, I admitted to being skeptical about this episode, but the more and more I hear about it, the more confident I am that I’m going to be completely destroyed tonight. That’s a good thing! Kevin McKidd (who plays Owen) thinks we’ll like it, too.

“I think any time — at least in my life — you take a risk and try something new it’s always worked out, Because life would be boring if we just did the same thing every single day,” he says. “It’s a pretty emotional episode. It plays into the strengths the show has always had. My hunch is that it’s going to be a positive reaction.”

He’d know — Owen actually plays a big part in the episode because [MINI SPOILER] he’s put in charge of coordinating severely injured Callie and her unborn baby as all the surgeons grapple with which of her injuries to treat first.

“Richard has a war going on in his personal life, and he gives Owen the job of corralling and being the point man,” he said. “There’s a lot of pressure on Owen. He’s been trained for very traumatic situations. There’s two lives here. It ups the stakes that much more.”

High stakes. Moody music. Babies in peril. I’m in. Are you, PopWatchers?

Also, feel free to come back and weigh in right after the episode airs while we work on the full recap. We can cry together.

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