Each week, Survivor host Jeff Probst answers a few questions about the most recent episode of Redemption Island.

You and I both really liked Sarita going into this game, at least as a personality if not a player. What has happened to her out there? I’ve seen none of the quirky spunk that she displayed in my pre-game chat with her.

I think the game overwhelmed Sarita. I don’t think she’ll ever admit it but I think it was more than she anticipated, which happens quite often to players. Survivor requires that you throw yourself headfirst into the game. So far, she hasn’t. She’s in a pickle now… to fight or not to fight at RI.

Although the challenge ended up extremely close, this was a fairly spread out one and at times the teams were at different stations. What’s your strategy for keeping an eye on everything and making sure you’re able to call everything and let teams know when they can proceed at various points?

Good question. During rehearsal we try to anticipate worst case scenarios regarding one tribe being ahead of another. When necessary we can always put a “judge” at a station to ensure they are following all rules. I typically follow the most interesting story until the time comes that I have to get to the finish line.

How can the women of Ometepe not be looking for the hidden immunity clues at all when they win rewards? Are they just that oblivious to the strategic elements of the game, or are they putting all their blind faith in Boston Rob and assuming they can just sit back, pluck out their body hair and let him take them to the end?

I have absolutely no idea. Same with Grant. Rob is as close to a Godfather as we’ve had on the show. His tribe seems to both respect and fear him. It’s a good question for the Reunion show.

We saw from the promo that we have a merge and the winner of the next Redemption Island duel heading back into the game next week. What else can you tease us up with?

A tribal council that will have your jaw on the floor.

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