The Green Lantern movie is coming out in a few months, but they just cast one pivotal role: As the Los Angeles Times first reported, Geoffrey Rush has officially signed on to voice Tomar-Re, a prominent member of the intergalactic peace-keeping force known as the Green Lantern Corps. Warner Bros. confirmed to EW that the Australian actor, who recently received his fourth Oscar nomination for The King’s Speech, has already recorded his voice role for the film. (When you factor in Rush’s role in this summer’s Pirates 4, the guy’s having a regular “Mid-’90s Jeff Goldblum” moment.) Rush instantly classes up every project he works on, but this could be a moment of seismic importance for sci-fi film fans. After all, it’s been almost three decades since an epic science-fiction film has featured a noble, wise, dripping-with-gravitas fish-headed alien. I’m talking about Return of the Jedi‘s Admiral Ackbar, famous for his MacArthur-like declarations like “Our cruisers can’t repel firepower of that magnitude!” and “It’s a trap!” Could Rush’s Tomar-Re usurp Ackbar as the world’s favorite fish-headed ET? Let’s run down each character’s vital statistics:

Professional Qualifications:

Admiral Ackbar: A scientist by trade, Ackbar rose to prominence in the Rebel Alliance, eventually defeating the Empire at the battle of Endor.

Tomar-Re: A scientist by trade, Tomar-Re rose to prominence in the Green Lantern Corps, eventually teaching some of the galaxy’s finest Lanterns.

Advantage: Ackbar. Hey, keeping the peace in the universe is hard, but you try defeating a military superpower with limited rebel resources. (Also, what’s the deal with those alien fish-men and their interest in science? New stereotype alert!)

Physical Dexterity:

Admiral Ackbar: The Admiral probably won his fair share of fistfights, but he was middle-aged during the Battle of Endor, and preferred hanging back in the control room.

Tomar-Re: Like all Green Lanterns, T-R has to pass a bi-monthly physical. We’re guessing. But also, he has a ridiculously powerful ring that allows him to create things with his mind.

Advantage: Tomar-Re. Come on, even without the power ring, who do you want at your back in a bar fight: Ol’ Uncle Ackbar or Cool Cousin Tomar?

Vocal Tonality:

Admiral Ackbar: A deep, gravelly baritone, like a man who has smoked a million cigarettes after a million bloody tactical assaults.

Tomar-Re: We’re just guessing here, but with Rush as his voice, he’ll probably have a really awesome accent.

Advantage: Split decision — Check back on June 17, when Green Lantern opens.


Admiral Ackbar: White jumpsuit that vaguely resembles the Starfleet uniforms from Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Tomar-Re: Glowing green scales that vaguely resemble the rocks your parents told you not to touch when you visited the Everglades.

Advantage: Ackbar. White jumpsuits are never out of style, because they’re never in style, which makes them stylish. I understand fashion!


Admiral Ackbar: Grotesquely ugly.

Tomar-Re: Grotesquely ugly, but that bird-like beak is pretty awesome.

Advantage: Tomar-Re. Don’t hate him because he’s beautiful.

So, the early results are in…and it’s a draw! We’ll have to see if Geoffrey Rush can tip the scales in Tomar-Re’s direction when Green Lantern hits theaters. PopWatchers, think he has a chance of becoming your new favorite Best Supporting Sci-Fi Scientist Fish-Alien? Or is Ackbar your BFF (Best Fish Friend)?

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