By Adam B. Vary
Updated March 31, 2011 at 06:55 PM EDT
Michael Becker/Fox

Two contestants on American Idol will be sent home tonight. The judges save is no longer in play. The stress could not be more intense. Why am I typing like Ryan Seacrest talks? Why do we do anything in this world?

While you ponder that existential question, a brief tour of recent Idol history: When Matt Giraud was saved during Top 7 week in Season 8, wild card contestant Anoop Desai and early producer favorite/frontrunner Lil Rounds were sent home the next week. When Michael Lynche was saved during Top 9 week in Season 9, very early producer favorites/frontrunners Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens packed their bags the following week — while why-is-he-stillhere Abercrombie employee Tim Urban flashed his Cheshire grin from the wings. So what does this tell us about who will go home tonight?

That wild card contestant Naima Adedapo should worry. That wild card contestant, producer favorite, and kinda-sorta early frontrunner Stefano Langone should definitely worry. That kinda-sorta early frontrunner Jacob Lusk and producer favorite Paul McDonald are probably okay, but still have good reason to sweat. (More on Jacob in a second.) And that producer favorite and why-is-she-still-here Disney princess Thia Megia may live to lull my snark demon Smirkelstiltskin to a deep slumber to sing another week.

So which two contestants do you think will go home tonight on Idol? Vote in the poll below, and then weigh in on this follow-up question: Of the contestants most obviously in danger, who are you personally hoping will make it to next week? Me, I’m Team Jacob all the way. I keep reading in the comment boards and hearing from my colleagues that he’s simply just too much — to which I reply, too much emotionally connecting with his song? Too much vocal virtuosity? Too much joy for life and living? And when was there ever too much of anything on American Idol? I’ve still got Jacob’s “You’re All I Need to Get By” racing through my head, something I cannot say about any other performance given in this most excellent season.

But I digress — on to the poll!

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