J.J. Abrams, you are such a tease this week. A couple days ago, the Star Trek helmer was at Cinemacon to talk up — and show off — his new flick Super 8, igniting much buzz for the Steven Spielberg-inspired coming-of-age/monster-in-a-small-town tale opening on June 10 Today, a mysterious package arrived at EW HQ containing a small, slightly-weathered, so-very-seventies orange box of Kodak Kodachrome 40 super 8 film. Outside the box: An expiration date of “08/1988” and the numbers “761 7820”. Inside the box: A white plastic cartridge, holding a short reel of film offering about 30 frames of footage — a literal little tease of film. Holding the film strip up to our window, we can see a presidential-looking dude sitting at a desk with a U.S. flag behind him and talks directly to camera. The box also contained an instruction to send an email with a separate code to an address at After doing so, we headed over to the website, clicked on the feature labelled “Editing Room,” and there was our strip of film, dangling from a dark room hook. You can see it here — along with other strips of film, as well. My guess is more and more of these films strips will be added to the site’s “Editing Room” in the days or weeks to come, and taken together, will add up to a scene offering some backstory for/insight into the movie. (Shades of: The Lost Experience.) More to come as more is revealed.