Don't ever underestimate the generosity of the American people when it comes to helping one late-night comedian force another late-night comedian to sing a 13-year-old girl's song. On Monday night, Jimmy Fallon promised the world that if we could raise $26,000 for, an online charity that gives money to schools in need, then his Best Friend For Six Months, Stephen Colbert would return on Friday to perform Rebecca Black's "Friday" with the Roots.

Cha-ching. In less than 36 hours, the goal was reached. Fallon tweeted the news this morning, "Thank you, everyone!!! We did it!!! Stephen Colbert will (has to) sing "Friday" this Friday on our show!! Awesome!!"

Tune-up, Colbert. You know, a real Best Friend For Six Months wouldn't let his BFFSM sing alone. I'm counting on Fallon to turn this into another of his memorable duets.

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