By Lynette Rice
Updated March 30, 2011 at 04:10 AM EDT
Dancing With the Stars
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No one wants to be the first to go, but Tuesday’s eliminated contestant on Dancing with the Stars was all smiles after the show. For more on the amateur hoofer who got the boot, head to the jump…

No one needs to tell “Psycho” Mike Catherwood where he probably stands with viewers. But after earning a 13 for last week’s Foxtrot and a 17 for Monday’s jive, Catherwood recognized that his moves might not be the only reason he became the first competitor to leave the dance floor.

“I knew going in that I didn’t have the biggest fan base,” Catherwood admitted to EW after Tuesday’s show. ” But if I were to come out here and really be an amazing dancer, I would have gone on! So I’ve got to take that into consideration. I’m not a good dancer with a big fan base. But you try to look at the bright side. I’ve gained a lot of friends, and hopefully I’ve gained a lot of fans.”

Remarkably, the co-host of Loveline Radio with Dr. Drew Pinsky was pretty calm about his inconsistent performance Monday with partner Lacey Schwimmer. “You have of knowing you’ve done everything you can do, and after that, you let the chips fall. I wasn’t, like, losing sleep over the ordeal. I was losing sleep because my dogs got in a fight so that sucked. But all things considered, I was pretty serene.

“I didn’t have a pollyannish view of things, like `I can really improve and things are gonna be great!’ I knew it was going to be a week-to-week struggle if I were to go on,” Catherwood continued. “For me personally, it didn’t bug me that much. The thing that frustrated me is how this is Lacey’s livelihood. When I look back and analyze (her partners), she got Lance Bass. OK, she’s gotta be riding high. Dacascos. Okay, pretty cool. Then she gets Steve-0 and the Disney star who’s overweight (that would be Kyle Massey), and now me. Really, they’re just trying to mess with Lacey at this point.”

“Man, he’s a Debbie Downer!” Schwimmer replied.

Looking forward, Catherwood said no one should underestimate the six-time WWE world champion. “Everybody’s all over Ralph and Kirstie but Chris Jericho is an amazing and charismatic guy and he’s working his you-know-what off. Personally, I’m pulling for Mr. Jericho and Cheryl Burke.”

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