Britney Spears closed out Tuesday the way she began it: on ABC. Except her concert footage on Good Morning America wasn’t nearly as entertaining as her musical and comedy stylings on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Kimmel visited Spears in a Live! greenroom to show her that he’d tattooed his left and right calf muscles with “BRITNEY” and “SPEARS,” respectively. Spears shooed him out of the room with a nicely delivered “You’re getting on my nerves.”

Spears also played along with guest Johnny Knoxville, donning goggles to endure what she called “The Poo Cocktail Supreme,” a taped segment that tried to convince us that Brit was inside a patented Jackass porta-potty for a messy stunt.

She performed lively, grinning, knowing versions of “‘Til the World Ends” and “Hold It Against Me” to close out Kimmel.

Throughout Kimmel’s show, this was the Britney we like: plucky, confident, sweetly sarcastic.

The Spears media offensive will roll on this weekend, when Britney Spears: I Am the Femme Fatale premieres Sunday night on MTV:

What did you think of Spears on Kimmel?

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