Credit: Michael Becker/Fox; Terry O'Neill/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Update: Annie’s recap is live. Hi, guys. The bitch is back.

Now that we’ve prepared ourselves for the terrifying prospect of seeing EW’s Dalton Ross in HD (he’ll be in a segment about the top 11’s fantabulous March 28 EW photo shoot) and debated which songs they should sing and which pieces of Elton’s iconic ’70s wardrobe the contestants should attempt to reprise (okay, maybe that one was all me), it’s time to watch the Top 11 fling themselves at the feet of the three Fates… and then gossip about ’em!

Chat here about American Idol‘s two-hour performance show, then come back later for my full recap and a detailed on-the-scene report from Adam B. Vary and his trusty sidekick Smirkelstiltskin. THIS! Is Entertainment Weekly.

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