Justin Bieber
Credit: Greetsia Tent/

Am I the only one who thinks it's wrong for media outlets to use the headline "Justin Bieber headed to rehab: Opinion poll results" when only 30 percent of responders to a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll answered the question, "How do you envision Justin Bieber at age 30?" by saying "In celebrity rehab"? Yes, it was the option in the multiple-choice that received the most votes, but 70 percent of readers DON'T think he's headed to rehab. Nineteen percent said they're "Not sure" what he'll be like at 47, 18 percent said he'll be "Married, living quietly," 13 percent said he'll "Still playing packed stadiums," 12 percent said he'll be "Fat and bald," and 8 percent said he'll be a "Talk-show host."

As for what I think he'll be doing, I think he'll definitely still be a musician, but perhaps on a large theater tour with just his guitar, Bryan Adams-style. ("Married, living quietly," like Sixteen Candles' Michael Schoeffling would be my second pick.)

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