By Joseph Brannigan Lynch
Updated March 29, 2011 at 02:38 PM EDT
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Britney Spears’ Sunday concert from San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium aired on Good Morning America today. (She was originally slated to perform in front of the historic Castro Theatre, but weather concerns moved her show indoors and out of the famous gay-borhood).

After the ABC morning show rounded up the news of our confusing world (from the U.S. military involvement in Libya to a gorilla choosing March Madness brackets) the GMA hosts took us to something much easier to comprehend: the pure pop power of Britney. Opening with lead single “Hold It Against Me” from her seventh album Femme Fatale — which drops today — the 29-year-old pop princess took her throne (literally) onstage while flanked by leather-clad male dancers/servants. Watch it here:

Fans in the 7,000 capacity were ecstatic and supportive, but naturally, people who travel from Alaska to San Francisco to see three songs aren’t going to be a tough crowd. Even so, there did seem to be a collective slump when GMA co-host Robin Roberts promised that Britney was going to be treating us to hits from her past only to have Britters roll out the “Big Fat Bass” for her second song, with a few snippets of “Gimme More” and “3” peppered in as an afterthought. On the plus side, it allowed for fans to stop jumping around long enough to get steady footage for their smartphones.

Her new single and Femme Fatale standout track “‘Till the World Ends” was easily the most enjoyable. With a wind machine whipping her hair back and forth and a leather corset showing off what the British would call a “well fit” body, it’s clear that even if Britney doesn’t have the effortless dancing prowess from her early career, she still looks fantastic and has a way of making non-lyrical lyrics (“Oh-oo-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-O-oh”) sound strangely vital.

As for the dangled carrot that Spears would have a big reveal on GMA, I think it’s fair to say that no one will be shocked to learn Britney going on tour this June (following an album with a tour? She’s a true iconoclast!). Similarly, the tied-in announcement that Enrique Iglesias will be her opener is more likely to provoke knowing nods (“yeah, he’s got a few good songs”) than the popping of champagne corks.

But when you think about it, pairing two ’90s pop survivors whose careers are currently on an upswing could actually make for a pretty awesome stage combo. At the very least, Britney and Enrique seemed to get along pretty well in that Pepsi commercial.

UPDATE: According to Billboard, Enrique Iglesias has pulled out of his tour with Britney Spears just hours after it was announced. No explanation has been given as of yet.

What did you think about her performance on GMA? Did it remind you why you fell in love with her in the first place, or did you think her dance moves seemed a bit lackadaisical? And how about her tour — do you plan to go see her? Does the the Iglesias/Spears pairing make you more likely to buy tix?


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