Earlier this year, Tara Reid was widely mocked for incorrectly stating that work would soon begin on The Big Lebowski 2. (Those who had a little fun at Ms. Reid’s expense included Lebowski auteur Ethan Coen, who declared “I’m glad she’s working on it. We’ll watch it when it comes out.”) Now the American Pie actress has turned that frown upside down (and really tied her mistake together) by making a fake Big Lebowski 2 trailer for Reid plays every important character from the original classic comedy, except for her actual role of trophy wife and nail polish enthusiast Bunny Lebowski.

“We just thought it was the perfect opportunity to do something,” says Christopher Farah, who directed the clip (below) which, we feel obliged to point out, echoes the Coens’ movie by featuring both an expletive and excreta. “It was a really great experience. I honestly had no idea what to expect with someone who has a name and also maybe a reputation. But Tara was well grounded and very enthusiastic. I talked to all of my friends about this as soon as it was done. I was like, ‘Wow, you wouldn’t believe how incredibly cool Tara Reid is!'”

But why exactly did she claim there was going to be a Big Lebowski sequel? “I never asked,” laughs Farah. “You’re certainly more than welcome to ask her yourself.”

Which is just what we did. After the jump, Tara Reid herself talks about her gaffe, making the Lebowski 2 clip, and the forthcoming American Pie 4 (which, unlike Big Lebowski 2 is, apparently, real).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So why did you say there was going to be a Big Lebowski sequel?

TARA REID: I was in Europe, and my mom called me up and she said, “I was watching Entertainment Tonight and Jeff Bridges was on it, and he said that everyone’s coming back for a sequel.” I was like, “Great, that sounds amazing.” So that’s what happened there. Then FunnyOrDie came to me and said “How about making a spoof on Big Lebowski 2?” And I said, “That’s a great idea.”

Did you have any contact with the Coens after you said there was going to be a sequel?

No, I didn’t.

But you would be up for doing Lebowski 2?

Oh, of course. Just working with the Coen brothers again would be amazing, you know? And Jeff Bridges. It was quite a cast: John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Julianne Moore. It was fun.

Christopher Farah told me he put together a reel together of scenes from the original movie to help you do the impersonations. What was it like looking at that?

It was good. I said to Chris, “I really want to nail these characters, otherwise it’s not going to work.” So I just kept on studying each character.

What’s the secret to doing a good Jeff Bridges impression?

Well, when you’re Jeff Bridges as The Dude, it’s different. He’s like, “Yeah man, come on, I’m the Dude, man!” It was fun playing that. And then John Goodman’s character is always mad. He’s like, “Goddamn it, Donny, shut the f— up!’”

Do you watch The Big Lebowski much?

I mean, I don’t watch it every day or anything like that…

I do, pretty much.

Do you really? That’s hilarious. No, I watch it maybe twice a year. I think they’re geniuses, the Coen brothers. I’m a fan of all their movies. I liked them. They were great to work with, they were so nice, they were so giving, they work with great actors. It was just an all-round great experience.

Jeff Bridges once told me that he still has the Dude’s clothes in his wardrobe. Do you still have Bunny’s bikini?

No, they didn’t give it to me, in case we had to do retakes. I wish. It would have been nice to keep. [Laughs]

What can you tell us about American Pie 4?

They say we’re shooting at the end of May. They’re very secretive. They’re still rewriting the script. Once we get it, we’re going to only get our own stuff. Like, you can’t read the rest of the storyline. They’re really crazy about it.

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