Wiz Khalifa Mumford
Credit: Sean Berry; Rebecca Miller

MTV’s Sway recently sat down with Pittsburgh native Wiz Khalifa and in the flow of their interview, asked Wiz what beat in the wide world of music he’d like to rap on.

Mumford & Sons,” he answered quickly, though not remembering the exact cut. “They got a really tight song that I wanna rap over, that I would totally rap over if I had the chance to. They’re tight and really musical. I like the instruments they use, like bongos.”

“That would be a good collaboration,” Sway responded. Really? I’m all for branching out. But a collaboration between those two sounds about as attractive as mixing orange juice with coffee. Hey, it’s just an idea, I know. And who am I to shoot down Wiz’s artistic right to explore? It could be good, maybe even a hit of gigantic proportions. I’m just betting otherwise.

The rock-rap collab is tricky, but high-quality cuts have certainly been produced in the past. Jay-Z and Coldplay have linked up for good results. Kanye West’s appearance on 30 Seconds to Mars’ “Hurricane” was also a hot one. And let’s not forget an all-time classic: “Walk This Way,” Run DMC’s hookup with Aerosmith, still cranks.

To me, Wiz sounds like more of an Avett Brothers kind of guy. I’d appreciate him giving “Tin Man” a go. While we’re at it, who would you like Wiz to collaborate with? Better yet, what rap-rock collaborations would you like to see from your favorite rhymers and rockers? Rick Ross and Arcade Fire? Drake and Grizzly Bear? Let us know in the comments below.

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