Ah, Paris. City of love. Home of Pepé Le Pew. Meet Woody Allen, whose often fatalistic ideas about human behavior can inspire sweet romance or pulverize naive notions of l’amore in his films. Midnight in Paris, due May 20, is Allen’s latest painting of a fabled European city — after London, Barcelona, and, coming soon, Rome. The trailer starts by practically framing Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams in a Monet painting, but their love is about to be tested. But of course! There’s a bearded pseudo-intellectual who’s in the way. There’s a bevy of beautiful belles — including Carla Bruni. McAdams tells her blond beau that he’s “in love with a fantasy,” and she doesn’t realize just how right she may be, after he discovers a magical, mysterious after-hours locale, full of Parisian delights. It might not be the Moulin Rouge, but it’s on the same block. Regardez le video.

I like to imagine Allen wore a beret while making this film. How does Wilson rate as an Allen protagonist? After Wedding Crashers, How Do You Know, The Royal Tenenbaums — and virtually every other movie he’s made — it might take me a while to think of him as this antisocial character.

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