Roker Couric Lauer
Credit: Brad Barket/Getty Images

I always thought Katie Couric was a fun morning personality. At least, that’s what I recall — the world is always fuzzy before 11:00 a.m.

So news of her possible exit from CBS Evening News when her contract is up in June made me a little excited. After all, part of me always hoped she’d return to her home at the morning desk — a pipe dream, I know. And now, that seems even less likely to happen. The NY Post reports that Couric is being offered a daytime talk show and a “regular spot”on 60 Minutes — although, EW has heard the offer is being overstated. Still, one can’t help wonder where Couric should call home. Or, rather, where she’s at her best.

So, PopWatchers, let’s do what we do best and give an unsolicited opinion. When do you think Couric shines most? Vote in the poll after the jump!

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