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Kurdo Baksi, a friend of the late Stieg Larsson, has come forward with new details about the fourth book in the wildly popular Millennium series. Baksi told the Swedish newspaper the Expressen that Camilla, the estranged sister of punk techno-genius Lisbeth Salander, will play a large role in the intended fourth installment. To date, Camilla has only made a brief appearance in the second book of the series, The Girl who Played with Fire. Baksi also revealed that Larsson had plans to send Lisbeth to Greenland, although he is not sure in which remaining book in the series — Larsson had envisioned five parts — this would occur. Larsson and Baksi became close while they worked on the Swedish anti-racism magazine and foundation Expo.

Last July, another close friend of Larsson’s, John-Henri Holmberg, told the AP that he received an email from Larsson shortly before his death in 2004 describing the setting of the fourth novel; apparently, Lisbeth Salander will be jetting off to Banks Island, a remote area of northern Canada. In the e-mail, Larsson estimated the page count and described his interest in the location. “The plot is set 120 kilometres north of Sachs Harbour, at Banks Island in the month of September,” Larsson wrote in the email. “According to the synopsis it should be 440 pages. Did you know that 134 people live in Sachs Harbour, whose only contact with the world is a postal plane twice a week when the weather permits? But there are 48,000 musk-ox and 80 different types of wild flowers that bloom during two weeks in early July, as well as an estimated 1,500 polar bears.”

Unfortunately for fans and publishers around the world, these tidbits may be all we see of the fourth Millenium novel for some time. In her memoir Stieg and I, Larsson’s partner Eva Gabrielsson has claimed to have 200 pages of the manuscrip t– working title God’s Revenge — in a file on a computer that she owns. Gabrielsson is currently locked in a bitter dispute over Larsson’s estate with his surviving family members, and she has vowed that the pages will never be published as long as they remain in her possession. Currently, there are no plans by any publishers around the world to publish a fourth book.

The Hollywood version of the first installment of the series, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, hits theaters December 21st of this year.

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