Spider Man
Credit: Jacob Cohl

The “Geek Chorus” in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark has reportedly been cut from the show, according to the New York Times. The four-person group — modeled after the chorus in classical Greek drama — consisted of three comic geeks and a young woman who explained plot points in the musical. The chorus was widely panned by critics, leading some to predict its removal after the departure of ex-director Julie Taymor earlier this month. “The production will not comment on any substantive changes to the show,” said spokesperson Rick Miramontez in a statement.

The $65 million Spider-Man will go on hiatus beginning April 18 and is expected to undergo a drastic overhaul before reopening on May 12. On March 22, the production faced another setback when T.V. Carpio, the actress who took over the role of Arachne after Natalie Mendoza was injured, was forced to leave the show due to an injury sustained during a performance.

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