You know you want to see it. Here’s a shot of the model for Syfy’s latest mad science hybrid creature: Piranhaconda! Half piranha, half anaconda. Yes, one is a fish, the other a reptile, but that’s the glory of the Saturday night creature feature. Hm, for Syfy’s next creation, how about they make a… Scorpicuda! Oh, how about a Tigersquid? Octowasp? Kangapus? Can there be a Kangapus?! Here’s your EW exclusive pic and more details below:


And yes, there will be a full body — this just the head in a parking lot (can you imagine bumping into this while heading back to your car at Target?). The Roger Corman-produced movie stars Michael Madsen and Rachel Hunter. Logline: “A low-budget horror movie crew, inept kidnappers and a reptile expert battle a monstrous anaconda/piranha hybrid in the Amazon jungle.” No air date yet set.

Which Syfy creature would you like to see?