Oprah Winfrey Show
Credit: George Burns/Harpo Productions

As revealed in Oprah Winfrey’s Jet cover story in February — and during the talk show host’s January interview on Piers Morgan Tonight — Harpo has confirmed that The Oprah Winfrey Show will air its final episode exactly two months from now, on May 25, 2011. We know what we’re all thinking: I need a new car, so how can I get tickets to that show? How sad! It’s a fitting date to say goodbye to Oprah though — the talk show maven has been airing headline-making interviews and giving away heart attack-inducing items for 25 seasons now.

So here’s the tough question (one that requires you to think alllllll the way back to the ’80s, even if you’d like to pretend your hair in that decade didn’t happen): Over the course of 25 seasons, what’s your favorite Oprah memory?

There are plenty to choose from: The talk show host has boasted some of the most memorable interviews on daytime TV. Some touched us (the sob-worthy one-on-one with Truddi Chase), some shocked us (say what, Mackenzie Phillips?), and some made us actually feel bad… for the bad guy (Oprah v. James Frey, anyone?). And there were the episodes that proved that Oprah really mattered, even beyond the TV landscape: The icon’s trip to the all-white community in Forsyth, Georgia established that America had far from solved our race problem. Of course, there are also the moments that make us laugh, scream, dry-heave, or whatever it is that the audience members do during Oprah’s Favorite Things: Who knew that “Oprah” and “You get a car!” would become two phrases as inseparable as, well, “Oprah” and “fat wagon“?

But now it’s your turn, PopWatchers. What’s your favorite moment from The Oprah Winfrey Show? To jog your memories, take a look at EW’s Oprah’s 12 Most Memorable Episodes gallery. Oh, and do you have tickets to the May 25 show? If so, can I come? Please?