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You are probably extremely skeptical about next week’s Grey’s Anatomy: The Musical Event. I don’t blame you; I can’t help but be too. Next week, we learn that Callie was gravely injured in the car crash we saw at the end of last night’s episode, and, as the team works on her, we enter her subconscious, which is apparently rife with musical numbers we’ve heard on the show before.

The thing is, I’m not concerned about the cast’s ability to execute this challenging episode of television. Sara Ramirez is a stage vet with a powerful voice. Sarah Drew’s single line about the endangered baby in the promo below broke my heart just a little. Chandra Wilson is, well, Chandra Wilson. Need I continue?

Rather, I’m worried about how this risky move could affect the show’s upward momentum.

Count me among the group that was loyal but wavering on Grey’s last season. Then that finale happened. Bam! Hello, drama, and welcome back, Grey’s! It’s been all uphill since. (Read: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: 10 Reasons We Love It Again!) In fact, it’s been so good, I was terrified when I heard about a “musical episode.” I was terrified that it would bring to a halt one of the best seasons of the show. I was terrified that the stunt would smother this fine entrée of a season in a thick layer of gooey cheese. (I don’t care for cheese.) Then, I saw the aforementioned clip.

My worries? Still there. But so is my intrigue. Grey’s, I love ya. Don’t let me down.

What about you, PopWatchers? Feeling confident about this episode? Or do you have some worries?

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